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Sulaimani Tea

March 30 2018
    Sulaimani Tea

    I've been reading a series of books recently by Jason Goodwin which are known as Yashim the Detective series. Worth reading by the way, especially if you have an interest in the Ottoman empire and Constantinople.

    One of the ways that the books grab you is by the detailed recipes and drinks that appear in the plot. Often you think you're reading a blog on cooking! One of the drinks that appeared was Sulaimani tea. I did a quick internet search and thought I'd have a go at making it. Turns out there are many ways and recipes for this drink so I've just used one that appeared to me to be achievable, and drinkable!

    All ingredients should of course be good quality and as fresh as possible. All quantities can be varied to whatever suits your taste. 


    • Fresh ginger, grated, about half an inch
    • Sugar, ideally Jaggery but use the most unrefined you can, 2 dessert spoons
    • Cardomon pods, 3 or 4
    • Black tea, couple of teaspoons or a tea bag
    • Lemon juice, about 2 dessert spoons
    • 2 cups of water


    • Put the cups of water into a pan and bring to the boil
    • Add grated ginger, crushed cardomon pods and tea
    • Simmer for about 2 to 3 minutes and remove from heat
    • Add lemon juice, the colour should change from a dark tea to a golden brown colour
    • Strain into glass cups or mugs

    It seems to be the general concensus that this tea should be drunk after a hefty meal such as a Biryani but to me it tastes delicious any time of the day.

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